What it means to work with a B Corp™ // 3 min reading time

B Corp™ what?

If you don't know what a B Corp™ is there's no need to panic, it's a relatively new movement that certifies businesses as a force for good, not just profit. You can learn a little more in our article.

Working with a Certified B Corp™

Choosing to work with us (or any other) means so much more than just choosing a partner that can deliver what you need, it helps the planet and the people on it. Most of us pledge to help in different ways, for us it's our commitment to being carbon negative in our operations as well as our charity pro-bono work and supporting products.

That's not just a thing we can say either - all B Corps™ go through a rigorous certification process to validate that what they say they are doing is true.

You're not only doing business, you're doing business by contributing towards the greater good.

When you're paying for services or products from a B Corp™ you can be certain in your choice that you are not lining someone's pockets and instead committing more available resources for the planet.

Business, not Products

The B Corp™ certification is one of the few that looks not at individual products to be certified but the whole business behind it, meaning that you don't need to just be confident in one product that may or may not be certified as "good". You have the knowledge that everything that the business behind the product or service does is good, if not great!

Everything we create is considered for its suitability and how it can help to achieve our core vision, improving peoples' lives. Every line of code we write is considered for its impact on the environment - a little technical but each CPU cycle your computer uses is consuming power, why waste that?

Happy Team, Happy Customers

One of the areas looked at in certification is Workers. This area of the certification evaluates a company's contributions to its employee's financial security, health & safety, wellness, career development, and engagement & satisfaction. Basically, how a company makes its employee's happy.

We all know that positivity breeds positivity and if someone is unhappy at work their performance and interactions degrade by varying degrees. Happiness also breeds productivity & creativity which is something of high importance in today's technology world. This is great for you as you get to work with them, and great for us as business is healthy & bred by its employees, not just executive teams.

Employees that are taken care of take care of others that they work for too, which includes you as a customer.

Most employees at a B Corp™ don't go to work because they have to but because they want to.

B the change for the Planet

When you purchase from a B Corp™, there's a high chance that you're choosing to purchase from a business that treats the environment with fairness and respect, in addition to you as a customer and their employees.

In fact, B Corps are 3 times more likely to use 100% low-impact renewable energy in comparison to ordinary businesses. All B Corps are asked to monitor key things like water and energy use, and waste disposal processes, things that are made public through the impact assessment results.

At Cedita, we plant trees for every employee we hire and provide advice to teams about how to think more responsibly about their impact on the environment. Everything from the energy provider they're choosing at home, to the vehicles they drive, down to better alternatives to everyday activities and things they do. We also give paid volunteering time for employees that are getting involved in their local communities.