Using PureSMS for your SaaS Customers // 4 min reading time

PureSMS started out as a headless application, one designed for being directly consumed by SaaS products that needed it to abstract away the pains of SMS. It was an API that called another API whilst wiring up a few components for billing and delivery tracking. That was nearly 5 years ago.

Today PureSMS stands distinct as a B2C communications product integrated tighter in to the mobile networking ecosystem, offering Enterprise-grade performance to consumers of all shapes and sizes, with a web interface and API to allow usage by technical and non-technical users alike. Its feature-set has far outgrown what it once was, with convenience APIs for things such as OTP generation/validation, two-way messaging support, bulk messaging and much more.

Yet it is still consumed by the original SaaS product it was designed for years ago in addition to many more customers operating in vastly different markets and charity operations, thanks to our charity SMS pricing.

What SaaS Consumers Require

There are 2 distinct ways for SaaS customers of ours to offer PureSMS to their clients which come down to being transparent or opaque (or a combination of the two). By being transparent we mean that customers are referred to PureSMS, optionally via our Partner program, to provide their API Key back to the provider and have them use it. This method completely avoids the SaaS customer having to directly worry about billing for credits in any way. The opaque way means that the SaaS customer uses PureSMS directly and pays for their own usage, potentially bundling it in a package they provide or individually billing credit usage downstream.

Aside from the initial offering SaaS customers need to know that their integration partners are reliable, performant and trustworthy. Anything less would result in increased support load if something were to fail, or even worse damaged reputation from partnering with someone that can't deliver.

PureSMS for SaaS addresses all of these problems with our high-performance direct integration API, extremely fast delivery receipts and ISO Certifications for Information Security, Quality and Business Continuity. Further, being a member of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum allows Cedita and the PureSMS team alike to help steer and stay ahead of movements within the industry.

The High Performance Requirement

If you've read our articles before you will know that we love talking about performance. Performance to us however is not simply being quick to respond or quick to deliver messages, it also refers to the speed of integration.

With PureSMS you can get started within minutes with free credits for testing and instant API Key creation.

Our Bulk SMS API doesn't just support the same message being sent to many recipients like many others, but you can actually send up to 15,000 entirely different SMS messages in under 2 seconds.

Just to demonstrate how simple it could be, here's how (in C#) you can send all the messages you require:

// .. sendMe variable with simple From, To, Content properties
var batch = new OutboundSmsBatch {
WebhookUrl = "https://my.saas.product/puresms/dlr",
FailBatchOnAnyError = false, // Set to true to immediately fail the entire batch if 1 message is incorrect
IsTest = true, // Set to false (or omit) to actually send
Messages = sendMe.Select(sms => new OutboundSms {
From = sms.From,
To = sms.To,
Content = sms.Content

var result = await smsService.SendSmsBatchAsync(batch);

if (result.Succeeded) {
// Handle success, log credit usage
else {
// Investigate errors in result.Errors

For SaaS Customers (that is to say true SaaS - where you are reselling a service) it is super important to log your credit usage per customer of your app. That way you know who to bill and when, unless you're going the Transparent route.

Methods of Integration

We mentioned above the two methods of working with us as your own SaaS business: Transparent and Opaque. Either method is completely free to you (apart from of course the cost of credits) and can bring great benefit to your platform and your customers.

Transparent Method

Integration for the "Transparent Method" of using PureSMS with your customers is actually identical to the above, the only difference being that you would vary the API Key per request for your clients. Generally our customers would have a configuration option that lets their customers enter an API Key against their account which is then used for sending.

This has a number of benefits:

  1. You're not responsible for paying for your customer's usage anymore
  2. Each customer can get their own SMS Support directly from us whenever needed
  3. You can use multiple SMS providers to cover different geographic areas, or meet customer needs (Don't worry, we're not clingy)
  4. Your customers are able to use PureSMS directly, utilising our Portal for Bulk Sends, Conversations, Lists and more!

It actually gets even better - You can become a Cedita Partner. Being a Cedita Partner helps you to accelerate your growth, avail of special offers when they're available for both you and your clients.

Our Partner Program is evolving for late 2022 to help support Partners with more opportunities as our network continues to expand.

Opaque Method

The Opaque method is the simplest way to get started and doesn't actually require anything special on your part. Simply sign up, create an API key, log credits and re-bill them to your customers at whatever price you choose. Remember that the more credits you utilise overall (ie. for all of your clients) the cheaper they become, increasing your profitability margin the more customers use SMS. Why not [explain the benefits] to your customers?

When using this method, you can use your own SMS credit usage tracking or our own using our API Usage endpoint (see /v1/Credits/apiusage on our API Documentation). This does require you to create an API Key per client, but keeps the burden of tracking away from you.

In Summary

The above article talks about the benefits and options for working with us as a SaaS provider. We hope that the methods explained are clear as well as the potential benefits for you and your customers.

We're always here to help if you need us - just reach out to us if you need anything else, or would like to get started as a partner.