Happy B Corp Month! Let us take you Behind the B at Cedita // 4 min reading time

B Corp Month - March 2022

March is B Corp Month which means that it's time to recognise brands that are striving towards a high standard of sustainability and doing good.

In November of 2021 Cedita became a Certified B Corp™, joining a global network of purpose-driven businesses that prioritises more than just profit, including the environment, local communities, our own teams and our suppliers.

2022's B Corp Month is all about going Behind the B.

Cedita takes you #BehindTheB

What it's all about

If you don't know what a B Corp is yet, we're confident that you will do soon as it becomes more and more of a household name as the movement towards sustainable business grows.

B Lab, the not-for-profit behind the B Corp certification provides a lot of information on what a B Corp is, but there's a chance you're already using their products.

Here's some of our household favourites:

The list goes on and on, but that's not what this article is about!

Let us take you Behind the B, and explain a few of our core commitments and responsibilities.

What's #BehindTheB at Cedita?

Being a B Corp™ means valuing everything that you are and do - from your Customers, to Employees, to the Environment and your Social responsibility just as much, or more than you care about profit.

We do all of those things.

Without our customers we would cease to be a business. It's baked in to our vision to improve peoples' everyday lives through technology and it's something we try to live up to every day.

When our customers speak, we listen. We work hard to consider all feedback that's given to us and implement change, not just with things that can make us more profit.

We are committed to doing better every single day and we are committed to passing every single benefit we can to our customers.

Taking care of Business

Our employees are the heart of everything we do. Without our team being committed and happy we would not be able to deliver our products and services in the way that we do.

That's why we provide amazing work environments and benefits, and place a strong focus on continually improving our customer interactions and skillsets.

Every single employee at Cedita (and, we believe, everywhere) deserves the same treatment, benefits and respect. There is no gap in our benefits program regardless of employment level, and we continually review our compensation packages based not only on performance but on global factors and changes.

Like 40% of other B Corps, we invest heavily in to health & wellbeing as well as training schemes for our employees to ensure that they are always at their best. Private Healthcare & Dental is standard for everyone, providing mental health support, and backed by our 2 full weeks of paid leave.

Being Transparent

This month is all about taking you #BehindTheB, ie. opening up our doors to you and everyone else. It's being transparent and explaining what we do to help the B Corp movement as much as we can.

When the term 'responsible business' is being thrown around, who exactly are they responsible to? Shareholders to create profit? Certified B Corps™ commit themselves to being responsible to their customers, workers, communities and the planet. We all prove it by making our impact reports available to the public, it's the responsible thing to do.

Transparency and Accountability are built in to our business model, we have locked in our goals and our commitments and we are only to be held accountable by you as the public and our customers.

Being Responsible for our Impact

We have an open and public commitment to Corporate Responsibility. It's a set of policies that have been in place prior to us becoming a B Corp and will remain a key part of our operations forever more. We believe that when a business can do better, they should. We can, so we do.

We plant over 150 trees (1750 and counting!) per employee that we hire. Conservatively that's around 5 tonnes of CO2 sequestered per employee, per year, even if they were to leave.

We only choose providers for our technology hosting platforms that can prove they are environmentally responsible. On-premise solutions are rarely a solution to any problem in today's work environment, and the power considerations alone for suggesting this would not make it viable.

We write a lot of code, and we train our engineering team to do this in a responsible way. We don't track every single thing that people do when interacting with our systems which can waste CPU cycles (and in turn, power) for users. We don't run background tasks continually just waiting for something to happen, instead we are event driven to only consume what we need.

We always help others in need. Our dedicated not-for-profit service Funraising helps charities raise much needed funds through online events. We're also a member of the Chartered Institute of Fundraising, showing our commitment to helping good causes. Further, we donate at least 5% of our profits year on year to a charity nominated by our global team.

Where can I learn more?

Can we inspire you to consider joining the movement?

B Lab has lots of resources and more information about B Corps and how to become them on their website - take a look.